The original Queensferry Tour was established in 2013 followed by the Inchcolm Abbey walking tour in 2015 by Mark Taylor who is originally from the local area and went to School in South Queensferry.

 Mark quite often took family and friends from around the world on a wee tour “doon the ferry”, until two friends he was shown around in January of 2013 suggested he should do tours for everyone…So that summer he did just that, starting the first ever scheduled walking tours through South Queensferry.

 Since 2013, Forth Bridges Tours have been involved in and created several different projects in their mission to share the rich local history of Queensferry and Inchcolm Island.

 Projects include; curating an exhibition with Edinburgh museums to highlight the Forth Bridge Raid, the first air raid over Britain during WWII. Creating “The Mightiest Bridge the World has ever seen” a kids stage show for the Ferry Fair. Organising Forth Bridges Live Music and Arts Festival for the Forth Road Bridge 50th Birthday. Organising a national Forth Road Bridge song competition to encourage creative song writing. Writing and producing bespoke performance-based tours for the likes of Edinburgh University. Organising Robert Louis Stevenson Day in South Queensferry to celebrate the birthday of one of Scotland’s most famous writers. Producing and directing “Laird of Samoa” written by John Cargill Thompson and performed by John Shedden on the life of Robert Louis Stevenson and producing “An Evening with Robert Louis Stevenson” written and performed by John Shedden based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s stay at the Hawes Inn.

 In 2015 Inchcolm Island walking tours was created with thanks to Maid of the Forth, the number one Firth of Forth cruising experience company who sail passengers to and from Inchcolm island along with other cruise experiences on the Forth.

 Forth Bridges Tours works closely with Historic Environment Scotland to share the history of Inchcolm island and the ancient Abbey. This is extremely popular with school groups which is probably Forth Bridges Tours favourite activity, bringing history alive for school children.

Forth Bridges Tours have designed and created a range of merchandise including postcards, magnets, t-shirts, mugs which are available from Caledonia Scotia Kilts shop which is also our meeting point and Maid of the Forth gift shop.

 Forth Bridges Tours have featured on various media broadcasts around the world from interviews on Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2 to news reports on Scottish Television to a Japanese documentary on the Forth Bridge.

 Whether it be through the streets “doon the ferry” or wandering through the cloister in Inchcolm Abbey Mark’s passion for local history and storytelling shines through on every tour and which is now passed on to all the Guides at Forth Bridges Tours.

 We look forward to seeing you “doon the ferry” for your walk through history!